Past Life Regression Individual Session

Past lives hold valuable information that can benefit us in our current lives. With each incarnation, your soul remembers the lessons and situations you experienced. You may be holding onto blocks, negative emotions, phobias, fears, trauma or even have physical pain and not understand why. Unlocking past lives through regression meditation can help in these areas. By taking you back to important life events, we can uncover the cause of your block, negative emotion, phobia, fear or physical pain and can move you through it, in order to experience healing and learning in the present life.

1-1.5 hrs
Cost $125

Crystal Alignment & Chakra Balancing

Through the use of crystals and meditation this session helps to alleviate blockages within your energy centers that may be harboring you from moving forward on your life path. You have 7 main energy centers in your body called Chakras. When your Chakras are blocked or out of balance, you will notice physical, psychological and emotional effects. I will walk you through a guided meditation to create balance within your Chakras, as well as ask you to intuitively select crystals that will help to heal any specific areas of your life that may feel out of balance. The stones will be laid on your body in accordance with the specific Chakra that it correlates to, as we move through the balancing of each Chakra.

45 mins
Cost $80

Private Mediumship Readings

A Mediumship reading is a session where I connect with your loved ones on the other side in order to provide healing, relay loving messages or provide closure to you the client, while also providing healing for the Spirit. Whatever the message is, I will relay it to you. Messages from Spirit are always loving, never critical. I have had some clients in the past who were apprehensive about what Spirit would like to communicate. There is no need for this apprehension, all messages are given from a place of love and guidance. It’s important to understand that I am not in control of the loved ones I connect with, they are in control. I am the messenger, the connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm.
(Session includes short Intuitive Guidance)

50 mins
Cost $125

Couple/Family Readings

Readings for couples or two members of the same family is available. Please note that because I am not in control of the Spirits I connect with, I cannot guarantee that both individuals will feel they equally benefited from the reading. Although I always do my best to connect with the Spirit the individuals are hoping to hear from, I may connect with a Spirit that only one of the individuals was close with. Please keep this in mind when booking a couples/family reading.

50 mins
Cost $175

Intuitive Guidance

These sessions are to help individuals gain mental clarity in order to move forward positively on their life journey. Through the use of oracle cards and energy, we work on getting you the answers you need to help you along on your life path. It’s helpful in removing obstacles or beliefs that may keep you feeling stagnant or stuck. A reading with the specific intention, of providing you with guidance to issues you may be struggling with or need direction on.

30 mins – Cost $65

50 mins – Cost $100

The first reading I had with Francie was in June of 2015. It was absolutely amazing. The things she told me were incredible. She connected with my papa and my stepdad. My mom was also with me for that reading and her reading was spot on as well. Fast forward to July of 2015 and my mom suddenly passed away. I called Francie (distraught) and wanted a reading. She was able to connect with my mom after she had only been gone for about 2 weeks. This in itself is incredible. Francie answered questioned for me from my mom and was correct with everything. I then had another reading with Francie about a year later because I was desperate to find some things of my moms. Francie again connected with my mom and told me exactly where the missing item (ring) was located in my moms house. I was amazed. Francie’s mediumship talent is truly an amazing gift. Her connection to spirit is far and above anything I could imagine. Her skills are top notch and by far the best medium I have ever been too. Love her to bits! She’s helped me so much and someone I’m glad to call a friend. I will always recommend her to anyone seeking a medium that is kind, friendly, empathetic, and just an all around wonderful soul.

Jenna, Westlock AB

As this was my first time with a medium, I was nervous and a bit skeptical. However, Francie immediately put me at ease with her warmth and kindness. I had recently lost my father in a traumatic way and was still grieving my mother after a number of years. She was able to connect me to them and my skepticism was resolved with her accuracy, stating things that only my parents and I would know. I left our session feeling lighter, calmer and at peace.

Carrie, St. Albert AB