I am a Spiritual Practitioner that provides healing through Mediumship, Meditation, Past Life Regression Sessions and Spiritual teaching. I believe that we are all born with psychic and healing abilities and the ability to communicate with the Universe. It is my passion and lifes purpose to help heal people and lead them to their natural born spiritual gifts.

I communicate with Spirit to pass on messages of love to individuals from their loved ones in Heaven. I help individuals turn inward for balance and self healing through Meditation. As well, I help them heal from phobias, fears, blocks, and even physical pain through Past Life Regression Sessions. And lastly, my truest of passions, I teach people how to tap into their own spiritual gifts to help them live a fuller, more content, more meaningful and loving life.

As a spiritual teacher, my job is to help you discover your natural born spiritual gifts. We are all spiritual beings and we all have spiritual abilities. It’s my job to help you realize what has always been there, by awakening your sixth sense. I find so much joy in helping people tap into these abilities to improve their life and their journey!


I offer both Mediumship and Intuitive Guidance readings. During a Mediumship session I am connecting with your loved ones on the other side in order to provide you with healing and support. All messages I receive from Heaven, are messages filled with love and only love. Intuitive Guidance is for those individuals feeling stuck or overwhelmed and are in need of some direction.

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Classes are for those individuals who have a desire to learn more about Universal Energy. How it affects us, how we can use it for our highest and greatest good, and to learn how we can positively impact the world around us in loving ways. Class sizes are kept small and are held in an intimate setting that is comfortable and safe. A wonderful place to learn and grow with like-minded individuals.

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Group Guided Meditations

Meditation can be an extremely useful tool in healing and de-stressing, as well as a means to creating a more peaceful abundant and joyous lifestyle. One hour group meditations are offered weekly in an intimate, comfortable and safe setting. Sessions begin with a guided relaxation allowing your entire body to relax, your mind to clear and your awareness to focus.

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Past Life Regression

Discover who you were in a past life. You are meant to learn valuable lessons in every life you live, and with each life, your soul remembers. These sessions can help individuals heal and move forward from past life experiences that may have left a subconscious negative impact. Through the use of past life sessions, individuals can release fears, phobias, anxieties, trauma & even physical pain that may be harboring them from moving forward in their current life time.

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Workshops & Retreats

Do you have a strong desire to learn more about Spirituality but don’t know where to begin? Are you aware that you have natural born spiritual abilities? We are all born Psychic and we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit and the Universe. I have teamed up with my beautiful Soul Sister to provide life transformational workshops and retreats to help guide individuals who are beginning their spiritual journey.

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Introduction to Meditation

This two hour workshop will help you to understand what meditation is, the science behind meditation, as well as why meditation is such an important part of a balanced lifestyle. Stress is a constant reminder of our busy lives, and it wreaks havoc on our body, mind and spirit. Through the use of meditation, we can learn how to de-stress naturally and return ourselves to a state of balance.

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